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Privacy Policy, concerning the use of Elsyca® NV website(s)

Last update: March, 2021

The use of the www.elsyca.com website (hereinafter: the Website) and possible other internet initiatives of Elsyca® NV and its affiliates implies that you accept the terms below. These terms may be modified by Elsyca® NV at any time with or without prior notice. All changes will be posted on this site. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should not access or use this website.


At Elsyca, we respect your concerns about privacy.

This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect about our customers, prospects, suppliers and employees, how we may use the information and with whom we may share it. Following the privacy regulations of May 25th 2018, this policy also describes the measures we take to safeguard the personal information.

You are receiving messages from Elsyca NV because you are our customer, supplier or employee, because you have registered on our website, because you have requested information, because you attended an event in which we participated, or because we got your information out of a database we have purchased before.

In all previous communications, you always had the option to unsubscribe – this will remain the case in the future. At any given moment, you can :

  • obtain a copy of the personal information we maintain about you or update or correct inaccuracies in that information by contacting us as indicated in the Contact page of our website or by a simple mail request
  • ask us to delete all your information from our database
  • refuse to use your data for certain purposes

The most current company/personal information we collect is: company name & address, first and last name, position, phone numbers & e-mail address. We do not sell or otherwise share personal information about you, except as described in this Privacy Policy. Elsyca NV gathers names and e-mail addresses for its newsletters and therefor shares this information with a marketing company to which this job is outsourced.

Our websites use cookies & related technologies to enhance the website and provide services and functionalities to its users These cookies allow the website to remember choices you have made in order to provide functionalities for your benefit.

We also make use of JavaScript. Combined with cookies & (web)beacons, this allows us to remember which pages you visited and which articles are of interest to you.

Our employees must respect the confidentiality of personal information. We are storing all personal information in a secure environment. To protect personal information, we have installed:

  • SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Acces management – competent and involved persons
  • Network security software
  • Computer & server backup
  • Login/password
  • Firewall

Maintenance of our server and firewall are being outsourced to a third party. Thanks to permanent technological innovation, we guarantee you a high degree of confidentiality of your personal information.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via info@elsyca.com.

Elsyca NV
Vaartdijk 3/603
3018 Wijgmaal


You recognize explicitly that the information and data submitted on the Website will be and remain the ownership of Elsyca® NV and of its information suppliers, if applicable. You commit not to make any modification to it.

The text documents, pictures, diagrams, sounds and other items which appear on the Website are protected by copyright. Except as allowed by applicable law the partial or complete creation of adapted works, presentation, reproduction, modification, distribution, mailing, sales, dispatching, publication, adaptation and use in any way of the Website and its content (such as, without limitation, text documents, programs, diagrams, sounds, products and/or services), is not allowed without prior written permission of Elsyca® NV, Vaartdijk 3/603, 3018 Wijgmaal - Belgium.. Any request hereto can be sent to info@elsyca.com. Additionally, you are forbidden to electronically save or disperse this information, or to use it for illegal purposes.

Some names, signs or logos appearing on the Website are registered trade marks which may not be used by the user of the Website.
It is not permitted to save in a database information or data appearing on the Website or information from its related services, except for automatic caching by the browser.

Making a link on your own website to a page of the Website is only allowed upon prior written permission of Elsyca® NV. Any request hereto can be sent to Elsyca® NV through info@elsyca.com.

In case Elsyca® NV would offer you the opportunity to have your own contributions publicized on the Website, you may not transmit any creations which are protected by intellectual property rights unless you own such rights by yourself or you have the necessary licenses from the legal owners in order to publicize those works on the Website. Anyhow, you will indemnify and hold Elsyca® NV harmless from any claims made by third parties hereto.


Elsyca® NV takes care of the creation in the Website and bases the transmitted information on reliable sources and careful analyses. Elsyca® NV and its information suppliers do not guarantee the correctness, completeness and/or fitness of the information for whatever use. Moreover, we make you aware of the fact that the information supplied on the Website can be modified without prior notification.

Elsyca® NV and its information suppliers cannot be held liable for possible interruptions, failures, or defaults in the electronic publication of the Website and its related information services. Under no circumstances could any error in the provided website addresses or domain names give cause to any financial compensation, nor can do so any interruption, failure or default in the electronic supply or in the services requested via the Website.

Pictures appearing on the Website may deviate from reality and can therefore not have a binding effect. The simulations provided on the Website, including the values and results, are guiding and have to be interpreted as such. Under no circumstances can they be considered as a legally binding offer.

Elsyca® NV cannot be held liable for any decision or act whatsoever, which you may or may not have taken on the basis of the supplied information or data, neither for defaults or errors. Elsyca® NV is not liable towards yourself or towards third parties for possible direct, indirect or incidental damages, loss of profit, work stoppage, lost of opportunities, damage of your hardware of programs or other data on your or other computer systems, or for whatever damage caused by the use of the Website (including without limitation the consequences of bugs, program defaults, (the absence of) human action and the consequences on computer systems, hardware, software or any other default or delay in computer transmission or network connection), even when Elsyca® NV has been advised of possible damage.

The Website or a related service may provide a (hyper)link to another website which may be interesting for you. Such link does however not necessarily imply a cooperation between Elsyca® NV and the owners of the other website or the approval of Elsyca® NV of the information supplied by the other website. The reference to the website of third parties is always informative and Elsyca® NV can not be held liable for the existence, the use and the privacy policy of such third party website, nor for the way in which it might be used.

Furthermore Elsyca® NV is not liable for any postings or messages published by users of discussion boards, guest books or mailing lists provided on the Website.

Should any clause of the Website conditions be completely or partially invalid or illegal, the content or validity of the remaining clauses remain uninfluenced by this fact.