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Upfront PCB design qualification

Avoid signal integrity problems during the design phase using an upfront, accurate and easy DFM test

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Rick Hartley
" Every PCB designer should be taught the many benefits of copper balancing and incorporate the concepts into their board designs. "
Rick Hartley
RHartley Enterprises

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The world’s only PCB DFM software that conducts FREE* instant PCB design qualification assuring best designs before approaching FAB
* Check out the pricing table for details on the free content

Why should I - as a Designer - care about manufacturability in terms of plating?

Faster time to market

Immediate feedback allows you to solve problems at the design stage

Automated improvement suggestions

Save time by not having to wait for feedback from your FAB

Reduced costs - Higher quality

Plate right first time: no longer rely on
rule-of-thumb, but on consistent layer thickness simulations

Less iterations

More competitive prices based on facts instead of educated guesses

Peace of mind

Expert independent and consistent validation

More suppliers can build parts, resulting in less bottlenecks

Less surprises when design is sent to FAB

Elsyca's other PCB solutions

Elsyca has dedicated solutions to support each step in the development cycle of bare board manufacturing. Are you involved in RFQ, CAM, Production or/and Quality Control?

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Elsyca CuBE conducts instant PCB design qualification
assuring best designs before approaching FAB